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AKO Webmail Login – Army Knowledge Online

AKO Webmail – Army Knowledge Online or known as ako webmail is a web-based enterprise information service that is given to the United States Army, Department of Defense customers and joint. There are two types of networks of enterprise services given to those customers: classified and unclassified customers as well as portal, directory, e-mail, discovery, and single sign-on functionality. There are some parts of people in the army that have access to Army web assets, tools and service worldwide.

AKO Webmail Login

They are National Guard, all members of the Active Duty, Army civilian and select contractor workforce. Those users have an access to create pages, create file storage areas and create as well as participate in discussion opened on the portal.

There are some great advantages given by AKO webmail to the Army. First, each army gets a single entry point that enables them to access the internet and sharing the knowledge and information. So, AKO is the only enterprise collaboration tool operating used in the Department of the Army worldwide. Moreover, AKO is known as the world’s largest intranet and it has been expanded to the broader DoD community using Defense Knowledge Online. Besides, AKO is also an integrated suite of a number of commercial products like the Appian Business Process Management (BPM) Suite technology.

AKO Webmail is the Only Web-Based Enterprise

By utilizing AKO, Appian can provide the foundation dissemination, process management, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The users can get control their lists to determine the audience who can see or use their content. Currently, this web-based enterprise information service has 2.3 million registered users and receiving as well as delivering almost 12 million emails in each day. The main function of AKO is actually about its web-based e-mail and collaboration capabilities. AKO is utilized for the development and delivery of Business Process Management (BPM) applications such as for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of soldiers wounded in the field.