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BC Webmail Access – Brooklyn College

BC Webmail – Brooklyn College provides a web based email to its students, staff, faculty and students. There are two types of webmail, they are ‘Legacy’ webmail and ‘New’ webmail. The legacy webmail is based on Exchange 2003 server, while the new webmail is the update version which is Exchange 2010. ITS has started migrating all staff/faculty to a new email server (Exchange 2010). If users are still on the legacy email server (Exchange 2003), it is highly recommended to sign up for a migration. It is important to migrate to the new webmail since there is possibility of document lost if users do not do so.

BC Webmail Login

For the new webmail which uses Exchange 2010 server, users will be directed to Outlook Web App if the access the webmail. In order to sign in, users will have to enter their username and password. Before signing in to the OWA, users can choose two security options available, they are public or shared computer and private computer security option. If users use a public or shared computer, they can choose the upper security option which will give more security mechanism since there is higher risk of their computer to be used by other people.

Users also need to sign out when they have finished and close all windows to end their session to protect their account information. The lower security option is recommended for users who use personal computer or laptop which is used only by the users. This option will give users longer period of inactivity before signing out compared to the upper option.

Migrating to the new BC webmail

No matter which option users use to access the webmail, it is important to always protect their account. Make sure other people will not use their account. Users also need to avoid any messages or websites which ask students to provide their username, password and other account information.