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IU Webmail Access Login – Indiana University

IU Webmail – Indiana University or UI has a partnership with Google to provide all students with access to email hosted by Gmail and other Google Apps like Alerts, Drive, Calendar, Scholar, and Sites. The undergraduate students have two choices for email other online communication services: Imail that is powered by Microsoft and Umail that is powered by Google. On the other hand, graduate and professional students have access to create Exchange accounts.

IU Webmail Access Login

Despite the difference among undergraduate and graduate as well as professional students concerning the email, all of them are able to create Umail accounts. Here are steps to create Umail accounts. For new students, you can create your account by using the Starter Kit. The detail guidance can be seen in About creating first computing accounts for admitted students, faculty, staff, and affiliates link. Then, if you are currently a student, you can create your account through the Account Management Service (AMC). In this case, you can see At IU, if I already have some computing accounts, how do I get others? link.

There are things to consider concerning Imail and Umail. First, regardless of the system that you choose, each user will get IU email address contains his/her Network ID username and campus domain since his/her preferred email address determines where he/she receive IU mail. When he/she replay to certain address, their email reflects the mail service they use, for instance, [email protected] or [email protected]

IU Webmail Offers Two Types of Emails: Imail and Umail

Each user is required to create an IU email account and read email sent from IU faculty and administration. Then, users also need to manage their mail account settings like their preferred email address through the Account Management Service (AMS). Moreover, there will be no advertisements in the IU-customized systems of an enrolled students’ email but after they graduate they will have option whether they want to keep their account with advertisements of not.