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LBCC Moodle Login – Long Beach City College

LBCC Moodle – Long Beach City College or known as LBCC is one of universities that utilize moodle. It becomes the official Learning Management System (LMS) in the university that previously the LMS was retired in June 2014. Many universities and other education levels utilize moodle to ease both teachers and students in accessing the lessons and school tasks, including LBCC.

How to Access LBCC Moodle

In order to access LBCC moodle you need to log in by using network login. The network login used is the LBCC email and in order to login you should see your classes for the recent semester you’re taking. The classes are usually hidden by teachers until they make them available for students. If you need the classes list you can contact an ITDC or DL team member. Then, for teachers they can access online help to utilize moodle such as online tutorials. The faculty members also can check the quick and easy tutorials to use moodle so they can create their own course anytime. The videos provided at Lynda.Com enable students to choose the log in method by using their organization or school option.

How to Join Workshops to Know about LBCC Moodle Deeper

LBCC provides open and relaxed sessions for students who want to know deeper about the system utilize in Moodle, whether for online or on-ground courses. The ITDC/DL staff will give sessions to explain about the college’s course management system. Students can ask any questions related to moodle and how to work with their courses.

There are two kinds of workshops, actually. The previous one is the information pre sessions while another one consists of a series of four session workshops. Students need to join the four session workshops as a comprehensive training course. The sessions are held in a week or every other Friday and they’ll open the sessions for people who want to attend the topics they desire. So, both teachers and ITCD/DL have to collaborate to socialize moodle to students.