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Mizzou Webmail Faculty/Staff /Student- University of missouri

Mizzou webmail is a web based email service which is provided for Missouri University. Students, staff, faculty and individuals affiliated with the university will be provided with email to help them with their assignment and tasks. Many information and announcement will be delivered through the email, therefore students and employees of the university need to check their email regularly so that they will not miss any important info, news etc. The email given for students and staff or faculty is different. Students will use Mizzou Student email which is based on Office 365 education. Office 365 is the email service for MU students.

Mizzou Webmail Login

Faculty and staff email service are similar. The webmail access is restricted only to those who get an authorization. Unauthorized access will result in the error message displayed. Therefore the webmail is pretty secure from public access. If users have problem with the access to their webmail, they can contact the server administrator for assistance. However, staff and faculty still need to be careful when using their email, they should not use their email for any action which is not in accordance to the email use policy.

New students need to set up their email first. There are several steps for students to do this. First step is logging in to the activation page with students’ myZou ID and the password. Next, students should note the Office 365 account name and the initial password. The password can be changed later when students log into their email account.

Mizzou webmail service for Missouri University

Next step is going to the webmail link and click the MU Student email icon. Students should log in with their Office 365 education account name and the initial password. If students forget their temporary password, they can return to the page setup to retrieve it. When students have finished their Office 365 account setup following the onscreen instructions, they are recommended to change their password for security reason.