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Moodle Bethel Login – Bethel University

Moodle Bethel – Bethel is one of many schools that has used moodle as a tool to help students accessing their school lesson and other information easily at anytime and anywhere they want. The school utilizes moodle in a wide range of ways to enhance classroom activities and assignments. Moreover, it uses moodle to develop professionalism and collaboration among teachers and school staff. Bethel utilizes moodle since it represents school’s commitment to prepare their students and staff with 21st century skills. There are many benefits that school can get in utilizing moodle.

Bethel Moodle is Very Beneficial

As the moodle not only represents school goal in preparing students and staff with 21st century skills but it also offers a wide range of benefits. First, teachers can utilize moodle for several purporses. They can interact with students by using moodle through chat for instant messages. So, whenever students ask for explanation related to certain lesson teachers can answer them directly. Moreover, teachers can utilize moodle to conduct survey. They can gather the data from students that is provided in the moodle. Furthermore, teachers can publish assignment for their students and students can submit their assignment through moodle so teachers can give a direct feedback to them. Then, teachers can publish glossary related to certain topics they’ve discussed in the classroom. Next, students can utilize moodle for many things like to submit their assignment, interact with teachers, do online quizzes and access wiki module.

Moodle Bethel Managing School Courses

Beside the aforementioned benefits, there are some other advantages that Bethel gets by utilizing moodle. There are three levels of education offered by Bethel: Johnson School, Middle School and High School. Each school offers various kinds of courses that can be chosen by students based on they need. Johnson School offers Language Arts, Media Center & Technology, Specials/Clubs & Activities, 4th and 5th Grade. Bethel Middle Schools Courses offered are Business Enterprises, Digital Students/Technology, Keyboarding Gr 6 and many others. The last, Bethel High School Courses include Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, Art, Athletics, English and many more.