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MTWP Moodle Login – Manheim Township School District

MTWP Moodle – Manheim Township School District or known as MTWP is one of schools that utilizes moodle as an additional tool to enhance learning activities. MTWP moodle has fulfill standards and features decided by the local government. Not only students that find moodle very beneficial but teachers also can post glossary, conduct survey and interact with students by instant messages through this software. Moodle has been known as a flexible software that’s free to help schools in conducting ideal learning environment. There are three categories of school levels offered by MTWP through moodle; Elementary, Middle and High School.

The History Behind MTWP Moodle

If we look back at the philosophy of moodle, there are some pedagogical approaches behind it that almost every school, including MTWP, utilizes it. The approaches utilize by each school that utilizes moodle are a constructivist and social constructionist. The emphasize of those approaches is that learners, not only students but also teachers, can contribute to the education experience by exploring what is available in the moodle. So, the existence of moodle in every school is adjusted by learning environment in that school so it’s more flexible than other tools. MTWP provides a wide range of information in their moodle to ease students in accessing school activities, submitting their assignment and many others.

The Advantages of Using Moodle for MTWP

Unlike other programs, moodle is a single database that enables users to choose one from many types of database servers they want to use like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. There are many interoperability that’s owned by moodle so MTWP decided to use it as a tool to enhance learning activities. First, it has authentication by using Shibboleth, LDAP or any other standard methods. Second, it has enrollment that uses IMS Enterprise or by direct interaction with an external database. Third, teachers can publish quizzes by importing or exporting various formats like GIFT, XML, XHTML, IMS QTI and many more.