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Ohio EPPICard Login – Child support & Customer service

Ohio EPPICard – If you have been having a trouble managing your payment, what you need to do is to get yourself an Ohio EPPICard if you live in the state of Ohio. This card is one of the services that have been issued by the government of the United States for people who receive child-support payment, unemployment compensation, and many other welfare programs from the state government. What makes this card special is that this card can function as your usual and common debit card. This means that you can do a lot of things with it. So, what kind of things that you can do with the card? Let us check it out!

The function of Ohio EPPICard

Just like any other debit card, the Ohio EPPICard can be used to access a lot of things such as ATM. In addition to that, if you like shopping in the store using your debit card, this card can also be used for debit card for purchasing items in the stores. However, not all stores are all available for the purchase as you have to find the stores that have the logo of MasterCard. I am sure that you will not have any problem in getting this kind of store because most of the stores are available for MasterCard.

Another function of Ohio EPPICard

In addition, you can also use your Ohio EPPICard to withdraw some money from the ATM. Just like it does for the purchase, you can only use the card to withdraw the money from the ATM that has MasterCard logo on it. Thankfully, you will not find any trouble finding this kind of ATM as this kind of ATM is almost everywhere in this country. So, get yourself an EPPICard so that you do not have to run into a lot of trouble when you need to access your money.