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PW Moodle – Pueblo West Login

PW Moodle – Many schools utilize moodle as a free software to enhance the learning activities outside the classroom. Those schools use moodle since they find it very useful such as to give assignment to students (from teachers), to discuss certain topic in a certain forum, to find database related to school information, to conduct survey for students and many others. Since there are many benefits from moodle, Pueblo West or known as PW utilizes moodle. The same as other schools, students or school staff need to log in to access the school moodle. They can log in by using their username and password.

PW Moodle Activities

Pueble West utilizes moodle since it has many benefits to support the activities for students and school staff. Firstly, by using moodle teachers can provide assignment for students and students can submit it through moodle. It’s simple and efficient. Secondly, there’s a forum for discussion in the moodle so whenever there’s a problem faced by students, for instance they don’t understand about certain topics, they can open for a discussion in the moodle. Thirdly, students can ask for any questions related to the lesson to their teachers by using chat for instant messages. Fourthly, teachers can give online quizzes through moodle and give direct feedback to their students as a result of the quizzes.

PW Moodle’s Interoperability Features

The interoperability of moodle makes PW utilizes it as a tool to enhance learning activities. The first featured offered by moodle’s interoperability is the authentication feature. Moodle utilizes LDAP, Shinnoleth and any other standard methods like IMAP. Second, the enrollment feature by using IMS Enterprise. It’s the best enterprise among other standard methods. Third, quizzes and quiz questions features that allow teachers to import or export quizzes in various formats like XHTML, XML, IMS QTI and GIFT. Fourth, moodle utilizes many resources by using SCORM, IMS Content Packaging, AICC and LAMS. In addition, moodle integrates with other content management system like Joomla, Drupal, and Postnuke.