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TWC Webmail – Time Warner Cable

TWC Webmail – Time Warner Cable (TWC) is a communication company that provides services related to webmail. In order to start the Web-based account using TWC Webmail, you need to have access to a Web browser and the internet. First, enter http://mail.twcbc.com in the browser address field provided. Second, type in your User Name, for instance, [email protected] and your Password. The last, click the Enter button to process creating the web-based account. To compose a mail message, here are steps to follow.

TWC Webmail Login

First, click Compose in the composing email page. Then, fill in the necessary information in the email box like the ‘To’ field is the email address of the person that will receive your message, Subject that contains the idea of your message content, and text message.

After finish writing your message, select check box above Save a Copy if you want to save a copy of your message, check box above Request return receipt if you want to get a receipt from those receiving the e-mail message. The last, click send to send the message. Moreover, you can create a Contact in your email account by clicking Addresses, New Contact. Type in the Display Name and E-mail address on the new contact you want to create and click OK to process it.

Getting Started with TWC Webmail

Furthermore, users can create a Folder to save their personal document. In order to create a Folder in their email account, click the Manage link in the Folders Area and click New Folder. Type in the name of the folder in the Name field and click OK. Your new Folder will be added to the Manage Folder view and the Folders area that you can see on the main screen. It is not as complicated as you think, right? By following the steps as aforementioned, you will be able to create an account using TWC Webmail.