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Vassar Moodle – Public Schools & College Online Education

Vassar Moodle – Moodle is a free software that can be used by any school to enhance learning activities through website. Since it’s flexible, many schools have used it to help their students accessing school information and submitting school lessons from their teachers. One of schools that use moodle is Vassar. This school utilizes moodle since it represents school’s vision and mission. Moddle offers comprehensive, secure and customizable learning management features that every school needs. Moreover, moodle has already fulfilled the standard and innovation decided by the local government. That’s why moodle is very crucial for Vassar learning environment.

Benefits Offered by Moodle to Vassar

As the development of technology, moodle offers many advantages for schools commonly and teachers as well as students specifically. Since moodle is related to website and an online tool, the information published in this website can be accessed fast at anytime that students want. Moreover, they can do online quizzes through moodle. Teachers will publish online quizzes with certain date that students need to finish. When students finish doing the online quizzes they have to submit it through moodle, too. By doing it, teachers can assess students’ work easily and fast while students can get their feedback directly from their teacher through moodle.

Information about Vassar through Vassar Moodle

Schools that have used moodle they’ll publish the latest information related to school and any other academic information through moodle. For Vassar Moodle, for instance, students can find the latest post in the ACS blog containing Google Apps for Education, Digital Storytelling and Adolescent Learning, Online Commentary with WordPress and many others. With technology, school staff can save their energy in giving information to students since they only need to publish it in moodle. Moreover, for those who don’t know yet about moodle they can ask questions about how to do something in Moodle to the moodle administrator. So, many benefits from moodle that makes it used frequently by schools including Vassar.