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Webmail.earthlink.net – Earthlink Web Mail Login

Webmail.earthlink.net – Earthlink is provides that serves IT services, network and communications located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Based on some sources, the company serves more than 150,000 businesses and 1 million United States consumers. The company has more access numbers for dial-up compared to other ISP services and it also has access to cable lines that enable the users to get fast internet connections although it is only in some areas. In order to give a better service for its customers, Eartlink has been expanding its fiber network for business customers.

Earthlink Web Mail Login

Another service given by Earthlink webmail is providing affordable dial-up services such as virus protection, a week support, an accelerator, eight email addresses as well as a personal homepage. For those who like to download big files, they do not need to worry since Earthlink provides DSL plans that range from 1.5 Mbps to 6 Mbps. The cable connections are also offered that range from 768Kbps to 15Mbps. Furthermore, the company serves satellite subscriptions through HughesNet, its partnership.

Since the internet access provided by Earthlink is very cheap, it gives its dial-up customers would be able to get faster connection. The wide range of service provided by this company is spread throughout the United States such it has 50 in the Miami and 45 in the San Diego area. It even provides services in eight test areas like DSL to rural areas of New Mexico and South Carolina.

EarthLink customers email support

Furthermore, Earthlink gives protection that is Norton 360 Online, call waiting, home networking and data backup. The subscribers have a free access to the protection center include virus scanning, email protection, antispyware, a firewall and IM/chat protection. For those who do not high budget, they can use Norton 360 with low monthly fee. Although it is offered with affordable price, Norton 360 provides internet protection and identity protection.