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www.Andyslife.org – Andys Life Humor lives here

www.Andyslife.org – Some people doing their routine activities. It may cause boredom. You need a joke or maybe some entertaining ways to killing your boredom. Then, you can count on www.andyslife.org. Surely, you can find some jokes around your life which you never respect it before. This site provides some humor contents, which are useful to quence the boredom because of the routine activities which you have done.

Andys Life Games

This site was developed by Andy which also have an organization to manage this website. Because the content not only show in one form, it needs many people to compose the contents of website. This it called Andy organization, some people collect their creation so it is published on the website.

It was created in 2004 because many people with their activities and need some entertainment to avoid stress. Also, the phenomenon such as suicide might be caused by stress. When people access this website, they will have much laugh and happiness. So, their life are going to be easier, and people have new spirit in doing their activities again.

www.andyslife.org is not a private website. Everyone can freely access this website especially, people who need the entertainment into their life. Some menus which are available on this site such as, chat as the interaction with the developer, daily comics, games, pictures, videos and contacts of the site.

When you first open this site, and interested in clicking on menu, you will get some benefits from this site. You will laugh, laugh and laugh because the contents are totally to entertain you who need to get some laugh in your whole day. Then, you will get some kinds of humor, which may have information too or also give you an inspiration to make the same one.

www.Andyslife.org games, comics, videos, and pictures

Although this website provides many humors, but there are some sites which provide the humors too. This site appearance may be still a bit plain. The combination of color and content design is not too interesting to see. If it can be fixed, maybe more people will be interested in accessing www.andyslife.org.