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Eppicard Indiana – Nowadays, bringing a debit card instead of cash money is more preferable for most of people. There are various reasons why it has become a trend. Sometimes, debit card is more flexible for some reasons, for example, when bringing a debit card with a large amount of deposits inside the account is somehow more convenient rather than bringing a lot of amount of cash money.

Easy Access Eppicard Indiana

Additionally, these days, the payment using a debit card instead of money is acceptable in the wide range of retailers, such as groceries, department store, bookstores, hospital and so on. Along with its benefits, on 2006 the State of Indiana launched The New Indiana Program which is implemented Eppicard Indiana or known as Indiana Visa® Debit Card as the payment method for the retirees, employees, custodial parents or other workforce services. Those people who hold this card will be able to access their payment online. For each month, their salary will be automatically loaded to the account, and the cardholder will be able to take the cash money from ATM or used it directly for the purchases on the retailer. On the other words, receiving cash as well as direct purchases using this card is possible.

In order to get Eppicard Indiana, you must be eligible to receive the payment, for example, retirement money receiver or the child financial supports receiver. If you are included on those categories, you are pre-enrolled of this card. The card will be sent to your address by mail. When you receive the card, you should activate it before using. Call the customer service or check the website for the number.

Eppicard Program in Indiana

Eppicard Indiana also has the online service to check the balance, transaction history, account management, and activity alert. This gives the additional advantages for the cardholder. They do not have to go to the bank office to check the balance or check the transaction history. All they need just ID and password to login on the website and they can do all in one checking. Moreover, there are a plenty of benefits of this card. It is accessible on the more than thousands ATM all over the state, it makes it easier for getting the cash money. The cash back from the purchases from the retailer is also possible in many locations and the ultimate benefit is it has low transaction fees.