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www.Safelink.com – SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink – There are many websites that offer a wireless phone service, one of them is www.safelink.com. This website offers low-income families a phone service that is named safelink wireless service. This phone service is provided by Tracfone Wireless and Federal governments. Tracfone Wireless is an America’s no-contract cellular service provider that already has over 18.8 million subscribers.

www.Safelink.com Wireless Phones Application

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Tracfone Wireless, the owner of www.safelink.com provides the safelink wireless service for individuals and low-income families to have a wireless phone. To be the participants of this service, people must meet some eligibility requirement that is settled by each State where the service is provided. A person should meet the U.S. Government’s Income Poverty Guidelines or should have a participation in their State. This service is limited to an individual per household, so each household will only get one wireless phone. This site provides this service because Tracfone Wireless believes that it is important to have an access to a cell phone in an emergency situation. If you are eligible for this program, you will receive a cell phone and a free monthly allowance of minutes.

In this site, you can choose which plan you want to participate. This service has three plans that are 68 free monthly minutes, 125 free monthly minutes, and 250 free monthly minutes. By this site, you can know more about wireless phone service that is provided by Tracfone Wireless and Federal governments. Cell phones that are provided by Tracfone can be varied, it depends on the coverage area. Besides learning about the wireless phone service, you can also ask some questions related to the service.

Safelink customer service

All in all, this site which is made to give information about wireless phone service that is provided by Tracfone Wireless and Federal government. You dig some information here starting the service, the requirements, even you can ask a question related to this service. You can also register for the service here. In brief, www.safelink.com is a website that can give you comprehensive information about wireless phone service, besides that you can also register for the service in the home of this website.