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www.sheppardsoftware.com – Sheppard Software For Kids

www.Sheppardsoftware.com – Every parent in the world wants to give their child the best, as much as they can do, particularly, for their kid’s education purposes. Parent usually starts enrolling the kids when they are on age 3-4 years old, which is called preschool. This main goal of school-like activity is preparing the kids to enter the real school or kindergarten. Usually, the preschool only takes 2 hours and 2-3 days in a week. As such young age, of course this regular activity seems so boring for them. Therefore, without diminishing the educational purpose, people start looking for a much fun way to learn. And further, this fun learning method not only goes for preschool kids, but also expands into kindergarten students even to elementary school students.

Sheppardsoftware.com Sheppard educational software

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One of the fun learning ways is learning through games, this idea was adopted by Brad Sheppard Jr and Jasmine Chapgar. These people have been designing and producing educational software to help the kids to have great and fun learning. The software is named Sheppard Software which can be seen and enjoyed online by everyone on www.sheppardsoftware.com. When you open this site, you will see a list of software and game for educational purposes, the target subject is kids. Thus, the image shown on the site looks colorful and eye-catching for kids. Despite its color that might attract kids to try the games, the games also consist of a cute character that is very suitable for kids learning. The game available on this site has a wide range of levels, from preschool games up to elementary school grades.

A team from Sheppard Software was created www.sheppardsoftware.com, however the most contributing people was Sheppard Jr and Jasmine Chapgar. The former is the man behind the programming software and the latter is the creative designing behind the sound effects, game animation and materials on the site. The main purpose of the software given on the site is providing a much fun way for kids to learn. In particular, the team intent to design the software that combining the sound effect and color to make the game memorable and also designing the game on different level for brain exercise.

Sheppard Software free educational software for kids

The list of the game on www.sheppardsoftware.com shown on the main page, the left side of the homepage shows the most popular games and the right side shows the recently added games. If you are interested in those games and want to keep update from this website, you can join the Facebook fanpage, the button is available right below the popular games list.