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www.Sproutonline.com – Sprout Online Fun Games

www.Sproutonline.com – Pre-School age is the diamond stage for children to improve their brain function. Thus, most of parents believe that on those age range, children should get enough stimulation in order to get maximal growth of their brain. Therefore, it becomes essential to enroll their child to a preschool.

Sprout Online

www sproutonline com games for kids

However, the child around 2-5 years old usually does not like to go to a formal school, even thought, the pre-school is commonly the place for playing instead of studying. To solve this common problem, Children’s Network,LLC established an online Preschool channel which operates for 24-hours. This channel allows the child to enroll the pre-school on a much flexible time. The official website of this Sprout Pre-School 24 Hours Channel is www.sproutonline.com. It was established and published online on 2005 rapidly growth till now.

Everybody who have internet connection can access www.sproutonline.com, however, most of the visitors usually mothers who have a preschool’s age child. There are six different categories displayed on the homepage which each category is represented by the box that depicts the related subject. For example, The visitor can enjoy the videos of kid shows and cartoon channels on this homepage by clicking “The Videos” box. The others categories include “Fun Games” for the kids, “Birthday Greeting and Wish”, “Activities” for kids, “Spotlight” that consists of recent news, and the last category “Event” that shows the ongoing and upcoming contest.

Sproutonline.com for kids

The member registration on www.sproutonline.com is also possible. To be a member, you can click the “register” menu on the top of the homepage, and fill the required box then submit your information. The member will get special benefits and would be able access some features, such as sending and sharing photos, videos, handy-craft and artwork. The other features that are available for a registered member: fun game personalization, newsletter subscriber and birthday wish and greeting that might be sent through mail, email, or even broadcast on the TV channel. One good thing from this site is that application for mobile phone is also available, thus, parent can download a kid application on their mobile phone, tablet or other gadget. Handy and comfortable, even when the child is on travel with parents, the preschool attendance would still be possible.