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www.UPSers.com – UPSers Login

www.UPSers.com – UPSers United Portal Service (UPS) is the largest package delivery company based in the United States. This company is one of the famous logistic companies in the U.S. which serves its consumers with secured and quick services. It is well known of their safety packaging and logistic trucks. This company even has their own airline for their service operations on logistics and transportation. Since it is a large company, it has over 400.000 employees which are located over 200 countries all over the world. Thus, this company creates a special web portal for their employees. Every employee, either an active or inactive employee, has access to this web portal. They are given an ID and password to log in on www.upsers.com.

www.Upsers.com Portal Login

www upsers com employee

www.upsers.com was re-designed and developed by Base22 in 2003. However, this web portal is available online for worldwide use since 2004. The initial design, web content management and information architecture were provided by a team from IBM Global Service. The content functionality is improving year by year. It is secure and personalized based on the user requirements such as the employee attributes including division, region and language. The Base22 developer provides management and support of the web portal up to now.

As serving worldwide employees, www.upsers.com is available on 15 different languages. The multiple languages are absolutely required as the employee of this company not only United States citizens who are English speakers, but also those from non-English speaking countries. The main webpage is quite simple, there are three main boxes that need to be filled, the language selection, ID and password.

Upsers.com registration

The mobile log in also available, so the users would be able to log-in in an easier way through their gadgets. Through this web portal, the employees would get several benefits offered by the company. They can access the online services as the employee, the salaries and wages that can be managed online through the web portal, the payment management can be done online, and they can also get the latest update of the company benefits all in one web portal.