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Zagmail Login – Gonzaga University

Zagmail is the email service provided for students, staff, faculty and individuals affiliated with Gonzaga University. It is important for all students and employees to access their email regularly since important information will be spread through it. Users of the email can access the webmail from computer at zagmail.gonzaga.edu and enter their username and password to log in to the email. Users can also access Zagmail from their mobile devices via Microsoft Apps and via Android and iPhone. It is important to note that there are steps to follow for every access via mobile devices, users can read those steps at Zagmail home page.

Zagmail Login

Zagmail Login Gonzaga University

Users can also access new Zagmail from Outlook desktop application. It is a good choice when users want to access the mail service from a personal computer or laptop. The use of the Zagmail also requires some steps to setup for the Zagmail into Outlook desktop application. The steps will be different for the Windows operating system and Mac operating system.

The steps to setup those two operating systems can also be found at the Zagmail home page. Users are also required to migrate their documents and or their contacts from Google to Microsoft by April 15th. If they failed to do this, they will not be able to access those documents.

Mail Service for Gonzaga University with Zagmail

OneDrive for Business is a new feature for the users which will allow them to store and share their work documents in the cloud. All content users store in OneDrive for Business will be users’ private content but they can share it with others by setting it for shared with others. It is also important for users to learn how they can access, delete and edit their documents in OneDrive for Business. All the manuals related to OneDrive for Business and other important information related to Zagmail are also available at the Zagmail home page.